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Michigan Tree Removal Pros is the premier tree service company serving all of the state of Michigan.  Providing a full range of tree services, including:

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Tree Removal Services

As our name implies, we are a dedicated team of tree removal professionals.  We have over a decade of experience working throughout the state of Michigan and elsewhere and have worked with over 1000 homeowners and business owners to help them with their aboriculture needs.  Our staff is highly trained and educated in safety procedures, leading to a phenomenal safety record throughout our entire history.

Tree removal is often needed during land development projects, home redesigns, or due to the age or structural integrity of the tree itself.  However many times a full removal is not necessary and the desired outcome can be achieved with other means, such as tree trimming or branch removal.  Let’s take a look at that service below:

Branch Removal

Most often branches need to be removed due to potential hazards such as powerlines, or overgrowth onto property such as a home or business.  Tree don’t have a sense of personal space, so they will continue to grow unless something (or someone) stops them.  We are experts at pruning back trees or fully removing branches that have to potential to create dangerous circumstances.

It’s important not to wait until it is too late to remove a potentially dangerous branch or group of branches from a tree.  Consider having a tree company inspect your trees once per year (before winter is best, as snow can lead to many fallen branches over the winter) and make a judgment call as to whether a branch should be removed or not.

Often times it is not the full removal of a branch that is necessary, but a simple trimming or pruning of a tree in order to discourage overgrowth or maintain a desired aesthetic of the property.  This can be handled through our tree trimming/pruning services, see more below:

Trimming Trimming & Pruning

When a full removal is not necessary, consider opting for a monthly or quarterly trimming/pruning service.  These service allows for a moderate removal of leaves/smaller branches in order to maintain a certain look/feel of a property and to discourage overgrowth in the future.

Many homeowners prefer a monthly or quarterly program, similar to a scheduled landscaping appointment for lawns/yards, so as to insure regular attention to the area and avoid forgetting about the necessary maintenance.

Stump Grinding

In combination with our full tree removal services, it is sometimes necessary to make use of stump grinding as well.  When a tree is removed, the stump is often times left behind.  It is cut as close as possible to the ground, but can still be seen as a hazard (such as a tripping hazard in a yard or sidewalk), or as simply as eyesore that would preferably be removed.  This can be handled by the process of “stump grinding”.

With stump grinding we utilize a heavy-duty piece of machinery (aptly named a “stump grinder”) that acts as an industrial strength belt sander to grind an entire stump to dust.  It grinds the stump to below ground level so that it may be covered with grass, sod, top soil, or concrete/cement, in order to match to surrounding area.