Michigan Tree Removal Pros is the premier tree service firm offering all of the state of Michigan. Supplying a complete variety of tree solutions, including:

Tree Removal

As our name implies, we are a dedicated team of tree removal professionals. We have over a years of experience functioning throughout the state of Michigan and also in other places and also have functioned with over 1000 house owners and also company owner in order to help them with their arboriculture needs. Our staff is extremely trained and educated in safety and security procedures, bring about an amazing security record throughout our whole history.

Tree removal is often required throughout land development tasks, house redesigns, or due to the age or architectural stability of the tree itself. Many times a full removal is not necessary and the wanted outcome can be accomplished with other ways, such as tree trimming or branch elimination.  Have a look at that service below:

Branch Removal

Many often branches require to be eliminated due to prospective hazards such as power lines, or overgrowth into property such as a home or service. Tree don’t have a sense of individual area, so they will continuously expand unless something (or someone) stops them. We are experts at trimming back trees or totally removing branches that need to prospective to create unsafe conditions.

It’s important not to wait until it is also late to get rid of a possibly dangerous branch or group of branches from a tree. Think about having a tree company examine your trees once each year (prior to winter months is best, as snow could bring about several dropped branches over the winter months) and make a judgment telephone call regarding whether a branch should be gotten rid of or not.

Most of the times it is not the full elimination of a branch that is necessary, however a simple cutting or pruning of a tree in order to discourage overgrowth or preserve a preferred visual of the residential property. This could be managed through our tree trimming/pruning services, see more below:

Trimming Trimming & Pruning

When a full elimination is not essential, consider selecting a regular monthly or quarterly trimming/pruning solution. These service permits a modest elimination of leaves/smaller branches in order to preserve a particular look/feel of a property and also to inhibit overgrowth in the future.

Several property owners like a regular monthly or quarterly program, just like an arranged landscape design consultation for lawns/yards, so regarding insure normal focus on the area and stay clear of forgetting the necessary upkeep.

Stump Grinding

In combination with our full tree elimination solutions, it is occasionally required to make use of stump grinding. When a tree is removed, the stump is many times left. It is cut as close as feasible to the ground, yet can still be considered as a threat (such as a tripping hazard in a backyard or walkway), or as merely as eye sore that would ideally be removed. This could be managed by the procedure of “stump grinding”.

Stumps are the most difficult part of a tree to fully remove, which is why they are so often left to stand on the property.  We, however, love to take out the stumps, especially the really big ones.  Removing a stump can also leave the area looking much better and restore a yard to proper use, often removing a eyesore from the property!  Call us for a free quote!

With stump grinding we use a sturdy piece of machinery (appropriately called a “stump mill”) that functions as a commercial stamina belt sander to grind an entire stump to dust. It grinds the stump to underground degree so that it might be covered with yard, turf, top soil, or concrete/cement, in order to match to bordering area.

Storm Damage Repair

Damage from wind, snow and other elements is a constant threat the the trees and property.  We can provide both preventative measures and recovery measures for your trees and property.  The best time to handle these situations is *before* a storm, so be sure to call ahead!

Brush Removal

Changing things up and need some brush or other plants removed?  We can handle the job quickly, efficiently, and leave the area looking neat and tidy.  We offer free quotes for these services, so give us a call!

Hedge Trimming

Are your brushes and hedges getting to be a bit unwieldy?  Tired of bringing out out the old hedge trimming every month?  We can handle it for you.  We offer both one-off services and regular monthly appointments.  Call to get a free quote.

Emergency Services

We also offer emergency tree removal services in the case of immediate need, such as in the aftermath of storms or unexpected tree falls.