Stump Grinding

As part of the Tree Removal process, the tree stump is most often left in tact, but cut as close to the ground as possible.  While this can be acceptable in many situations, often homeowners and business owners will want to completely eliminate the stump from the property.

Stumps may need to be removed due to a potential tripping hazard that the stump presents, a hindrance to further development or design of a given area, or simply because the remain stump is an eyesore.

Thankfully this can be handled by a process called “Stump Grinding”.  With stump grinding we will use heavy duty machinery which grinds down the entire trunk until it is beneath ground level (or as close and the situation will allow).  Michigan Tree Removal Pros are experts at this process, having done it hundreds (if not thousands) of times over the past decades.  We can handle any tree removal/stump grinding situation that may occur.  Here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

Why Choose Us?

We are highly trained, educated and experienced in all areas of arboriculture.  We are not some fly-by-night operation of handymen.  Our core expertise is tree felling, removal and restoration of the surrounding area (via stump grinding, etc).

Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market.  Our high volume of clients and repeat customers allow us to offer rates that are very competitive compared to the other companies on the market.

We offer free estimates on all our services.  We believe in transparency, which means knowing what you get, and how much it will cost, before starting a job.  We stand by the quality of our work, so we have no problem being clear on our services beforehand.

How Can Stump Grinding Help My Situation?

In situations where a tree has been removed from a grassy area (front yard/backyard, etc), we can grind it down beneath the ground level, and it can be covered over with top soil or sod.  This restored the area to a spotless grass lawn and it can be used as if the tree were never there.

In situations where a tree has been removed from an areas such as a sidewalk or driveway, where the ground is concrete/etc, the stump can be ground to a point where new cement/concrete/etc. can be laid on top of it.  This provides a nice, level treatment of the area and it can now function as if the tree were never there.